Current Exhibitions



Edison Price Lighting invited 11 local artists to REVISION our raw materials and create a new and unique perspective from the seemingly ordinary.

A World Within

A World Within
EPL scraps (perforated metal plates), wooden beads, lichen, shells, ink, acrylic paint, watercolour paper. 36″ H x 56″ W (5 pieces)

Copyright © 2019 Irene Christensen, All rights reserved.

Author: Irene artster

I am involved in creating a personal iconography. These symbols are rooted in the figurative and landscape images with colors setting moods rather than copying nature. I transform simple forms into my mythology. The knowable and the possible visuals are melded through sensual intuition. I like to maintain a sense of wonder in my art. My images repeat and transform, as words and images in poems. They are my translation of the spirits, humor and erotics of life.

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