Recent Exhibitions

Something’s Gotta Give

Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune St
New York, NY
November.2 – 23 2019

Nature is our Home.My paintings and installations deal with environmental and women’s issues. I am an artist who has for years developed my own fantasy images – both organic and woman-made compositions. My background is Norwegian and I grew up close to the fjords, so water and birds are very familiar to me. In many of my art residencies in Costa Rica and the Everglades, Florida, I was intrigued by the the magnificent foliage, birds, as well as, alligators and crocodiles.Human beings are part of Nature. We must never forget that or take Nature for granted.This is my mythology, my personal iconography. Its symbols and densely worked images are a translation of my sense of the primacy of nature, our dependence on it and inescapable bond to it.

Irazu_I_see_you_60x36_oilIrazu I see you 60 x 36 oilIrene_C_MaoriWomanMaori Woman oil 30 x 30Nature_is_our_Home_20x16_oilNature is our Home oil 20 x 16

Perilous Journey 2019 oil 60 x 36
Owls Tale found objects 12 x 12.5 x 10 In Deep Water 16 diameter oil

Edison Price Lighting

41-50 22nd St

Long Island City, NY
May.13 – November.26 2019

Edison Price Lighting invited 11 local artists to REVISION our raw materials and create a new and unique perspective from the seemingly ordinary.

A World Within

A World Within
36 x 56 EPL scraps (perforated metal plates), wooden beads, lichen, shells, ink, acrylic paint, watercolour paper (5 pieces)

“Irene Christensen’s A World Within utilizes a combination of metal and paint, and give off a uniquely captivating, otherworldly feel.

Christensen’s layered metal plates and found objects on top of a mysterious series of illustrations gives the impression that the figures within are caged behind the cuttings.

The flat, stylized paintings beneath the metal framework and three dimensional objects feel like a glimpse into a captive universe.” Ilana Napoli February.18 2019

This event is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Art Fair 14C

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Jersey City, NJ
March.15 – 17 2019
Also shown: Art Net – Art Helix Gallery
March.18 – April.15 2019

Costa Rican Dreams engages emotions and memory. Irene Christensen approaches the work as streams of consciousness to actualize in symbols an alternate world allowing dream and reality to meet.

Costa Rican Dreams 52 x 37 acrylic inks on handmade paper

Personal Structures

Palazzo Mora
Venice Biennale 2017

Installation of 12 Concertina Books “PERSONAL STRUCTURES” as organized by the GAA Foundation and hosted by the European Cultural Centre at Palazzo Mora, Venice.

The GAA Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to heighten the awareness about the more philosophical themes in contemporary art, Time – Space – Existence in particular, and to make these subjects more accessible to a wider international audience. In order to achieve this goal, they organise and host exhibitions, symposia and publish.
New York Never Sleeps detail
New York Never Sleeps detail
Three Concertina Books
Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune Street
New York, NY 10014


The Sculptors Guild celebrates its historic 80th anniversary with an exhibition curated by distinguished poet and critic John Yau at Westbeth Gallery in the West Village.

This exhibition of over 50 works by current Sculptors Guild members alongside historical pieces from the Guild’s collection. Works by founding member Chaim Gross as well as pieces from the Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation, including drawings by member Louise Nevelson will be exhibited.

I hope you are able to join us at one of the two receptions.

Opening Reception: Sunday February 5h 1pm – 4pm
Closing Reception: Friday Febrary 24th 6pm-8pm
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 1pm – 6pm
An Unpopulated Place detail
An Unpopulated Place detail



Migrating Identities

Cultures are not static, they are constantly moving. In the encounter between different cultural standpoints, something entirely new created.

Opening Reception, Friday, Jan.20, 7 pm

Galleri 69
Grünerløkka Lufthavn, Oslo, Norway




Idylls, Idols, Ideals

The Voyage of Life.
Atlantic Gallery
548 W 28th St. or 547 W 27th St., Suite 54
New York, N.Y.10001



Tel: 212-219-3183  Tues-Sat: 12-6pm Thur 12-8pm
Red Wall, 18 x 24 x 1.5 inches, oil on canvas
Red Wall 18 x 24 x 1.5 oil on canvas


Paintings and small box sculptures of a surreal world.
Atlantic Gallery
548 W 28th St. or 547 W 27th St., Suite 54
New York, N.Y.10001
Opening Reception Nov.3  5-8pm


Tel: 212-219-3183  Tues-Sat: 12-6pm Thur 12-8pm
Red Red Raven 27 x 12 x 4 mixed media box sculpture
Tango 48 x 24 oil on wood
Red Red Raven, 27 by 12 by 4 inches, mixed media box sculpture
Red Red Raven 27 x 12 x 4 mixed media box sculpture

Atlantic Gallery is pleased to announce “Tango,” a solo exhibition of paintings and assemblages by Irene Christensen created from 2000-2016. Tango will be on view November 1-26, 2016. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 12-6 PM. plus late hours until 8PM Thursdays.

“My paintings are windows on a world. I address transcendence in space and time. This is my mythology, my personal iconography, whose symbols and densely worked images are a translation of my sense of nature..The world can be like a ship, we’re all sailing around the sun together.” — Irene Christensen

Irene Christensen’s visual world pulses with beauty, brokenness, hope, despair and ultimately, grace. A unique visual music scores each of her paintings, drawings and assemblages, in which the rich cultural and mythological heritage of her native Norway dances with the vibrant aura of abstraction always pulsing in New York City, where she came to live and work at the age of 22. Tango presents a selection from the last 15 years of her painting and assemblage practice in an intelligent design engaging to create a unique, interactive experience, highlighting themes and inspiration that have endured over time.